ACCI Missions & Relief is the overseas ministry expression of the Australian Christian Churches movement and consists of two separate Organisations under the one banner.

  • ACC International Missions Ltd (“ACCIM”) is the Missionary sending and support agency of the Australian Christian Churches movement. ACCIM sends and supports Field Workers for various types of ministry in their country of service and partners with local churches to support and promote the cause of missions.
  • ACC International Relief Inc (“ACCIR”) is the Aid and Development arm of the Australian Christian Churches. ACCIR carries out humanitarian projects with approved partners for the relief of poverty, suffering, distress and misfortune of people wherever they are found in the developing world, regardless of age, sex, race, ethnic background, religion, political beliefs or marital status.

These two separate organisations are collectively referred to as ACCI Missions & Relief (“ACCI”). ACCI is part of the Australian Christian Churches movement, a religious body, and as such, conforms to the doctrines, beliefs or principles of their religion. This includes, but is not limited to, the Australian Christian Churches Statement of Faith.

These two organisations have separate boards, governance, activities and staff. However, they also have a number of aspects in common; such as shared office building and office equipment, Field Workers and project partners, similar policies and practices and the same General Manager and Missions Director. For consistency and simplicity, it has been decided to operate under a common set of policies and standards.

Shared Values

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