Keeping Children in Families

"God puts the lonely in families." Psalm 68:6

As a Christian organisation we believe that God designed and ordained families to care for children. Psalm 68:6 states that “God sets the lonely in families”. In order to support vulnerable children and strengthen families at risk of separation, ACC International has launched an initiative called Kinnected, which aims to help keep children in families.

Through Kinnected we are assisting field workers and strategic partners to implement alternative care for children and assisting residential care facilities to reintegrate children back into families and community. Kinnected’s long term goal is to strengthen families and develop gate keeping initiatives in communities, which aim to identify and develop programming to address the root causes that lead to children being placed in residential care. At ACCI, we are passionate about strengthening communities, and we are committed to protecting the child’s right to be nurtured and raised in a loving family.

For more information visit the Kinnected Website now

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