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ACCI's Biblical Basis for Missions and Relief

BIBLICAL_BASIS_FOR_MISSIONS_AND_RELIEF.pngWe are called to participate in God’s redemptive plan and Christ’s mission of reconciliation.

The comprehensive scope of creation, sin and redemption is evident throughout the Biblical story and is central to our Biblical worldview. In the creation account we see God’s intention for all He created to live in harmony and peace. Creation shows humankind in right relationship with each other, with right self-image and in right relationship with the rest of creation. These right relationships are all held in perfect harmony through an undefiled primary relationship and intimacy with God.

Through the fall we see how all four of these relationships became sin affected and broken (Gen 3:11-24). The result of this disharmony was the emergence of human poverty, which is experienced as spiritual, physical, emotional/ psychological and social poverty. Humanity’s distorted image of themselves, and subsequent fractured relationships with each other, has led to inequality and injustice, which are the basis of all social disorders including material poverty. 

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THE CAUSE: Defining Social Justice

THERE_ARE_OVER_2_000_VERSES_THROUGHOUT.pngIn today's blog post we continue our theme of 'The Cause: Justice for the Poor' and look at how we can define Social Justice.

How can we break down the idea of social justice even further? Well it is two concepts rolled together: Structural Justice and Social Responsibility.

Click here to read Part 1 of our 'THE CAUSE: Justice for the Poor' series - What Does Biblical Justice Demand of me?

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Raise: Mozambique Update

FACEBOOK.pngThe lack of employment opportunities in Mozambique leads many people to start up their own small business to support their families. In many of these small businesses people make very little profit as they sell just a few things, oftentimes food products. In the case of food products, they and their families often end up eating the goods to sell out of necessity, which further limits the profitability of the enterprise. 

In the beginning of this year the Hope Centre had the privilege of helping a child named Ezra. His father was unemployed and had decided to open a business in his own house to help his family. The business was going well and as a precaution, he decided to install an electrical security system to secure his business and home. Every day he made sure that the electrical security system was off in the morning and that it was on at night, carefully doing all that was necessary to maintain safety. 

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THE CAUSE: What Does Biblical Justice Demand of Me?


Jesus’ life is a profound example of what it means to live committed to social justice. Throughout the New Testament we see Jesus stand for social justice as He embraced those excluded on the basis of social status, gender, ethnicity and age; a powerful demonstration of impartiality and equality. We read of stories where He challenged oppressive systems and confronted powerful brokers of such systems, including tax collectors, rulers, those with political power, and spiritual leaders. He denounced cultural and religious practices that created barriers to fulfilling the commandment to ‘love our neighbour as ourselves’. He advocated on behalf of the poor and the oppressed to the point of equating meeting the needs of the poor with serving Christ himself. This emphasis on love, acceptance, fairness and justice combines together to build our current idea of social justice.

There are over 2,000 verses throughout the Bible that speak to the issues of poverty, justice and fairness. In light of this Biblical weight it would be hard to find a Christian in this day and age who would argue that social justice isn’t an important issue to God and therefore to His church, but what does social justice actually mean for us? What does a life modelled after Christ and founded upon Micah 6:8 “Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God’ actually need us to do?

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Nepal Earthquake Update

nepal1.pngOn 12th May, Nepal was hit by a major aftershock measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale. This aftershock caused significant further damage including destroying more buildings and triggering landslides. All ACCI Relief field workers and partner organisation staff have been accounted for after this aftershock. Many families have now been forced to once again leave their homes due to fear that their already damaged homes could collapse.  

Project staff and volunteers have also reported significant emotional stress and trauma especially due to the anxiety caused by persistent aftershocks. Many are exhausted from the work they are doing, nights sleeping outside and the trauma of losing their homes and people they know. The need for secondary trauma counselling for staff and volunteers has been recognised and support is being provided. 

The death toll from the earthquakes is now over 8,000, figures likely to continue rising. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), 8.1 million people have been affected by the earthquakes.

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Mothers Heart

Mother_Heart_Baby.JPGACCI partner Mothers Heart, believes in "empowering women with choices".  Here is a story from just one of the young women they have assisted through their crisis pregnancy counselling service in Cambodia. 

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Creating Child Friendly Spaces in Nepal


We have started a child friendly space in Barabise, Sindhupalchwok to support the children of families impacted by the earthquake. The children are excited to be there and play together with friends and neighbours. Ninety six children have been registered to participate at this child friendly space, which is part of a broader program that focuses on family preservation.

ACCI Relief is working with on the ground contacts from Next Generation Nepal. ACCI Relief and Next Generation Nepal are both members of the Better Care Network, a network of organisations focused on the issue of children without adequate family care and working towards reducing family separation and supporting family based alternative care.

[Photo: NGN/THIS Child Friendly Space]

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Register for Pan Asia Conference 2015

panasia2015.pngYou don’t want to miss out! Make sure you register for ACCI’s PanAsia Conference, the missions conference on the missions field, Aug 3 – Aug 6, 2015 held at the Novotel Phuket Resort in Thailand.

Pan Asia - the missions conference on the missions field - is now a global event that presents a comprehensive view on all that is happening in the world of ACCI Missions & Relief! Not only will you hear from our inspiring field workers from the Pan Asia region, but ACCI missionaries from Africa and Europe will also be presenting on their unique work at this conference.

The Pan Asia Conference is being held at the Novotel Phuket Resort (NEW VENUE for 2015) who have put on hold 100 rooms until the 3rd of June, which is fast approaching. This event is growing in popularity year after year – so don't miss out on what is sure to be one of the most powerful and inspiring weeks of the year!

Click here for further details or to register. 

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Nepal Update

ACCI Relief initial response is ensuring the supply and distribution of emergency supplies. We have been working in collaboration with ACCI’s own partner Ps Ashok Adhikari to facilitate the distribution of food, water, tents, clothes and other basic supplies. Ps Ashok and his network of churches have begun responding by providing basic food and emergency supplies in shelters and villages.

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Raise: because it takes a whole community to raise a child

raisevillage.jpgChildhood poverty is of enormous global concern with one out of every two children living in poverty. Many times when we hear these statistics, we picture the child as vulnerable, suffering, and facing the numerous effects of poverty alone. In this mental image, the child has been isolated from his or her context - it is easy to forget that the child we picture has siblings, parents who are trying to provide for him or her, extended family and community members who support their development. In reality it is not just the child experiencing poverty, but his or her family and community who are suffering too. Forgetting this context often leads us to attempt to address childhood poverty in isolation of broader societal poverty and its causes.

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Field Partner Nepal Update

Ashok, our partner on the field in Nepal, has just updated us on the current devastation that Nepal is facing in the aftermath of the earthquake. He shares that the Church buildings are full of people that have lost every thing, that many have been without food for 4 days and drinking water, and that clean drinking water, blankets and medicines are in short supply.

ACC International Relief has launched a Humanitarian Relief Appeal to assist those affected by the earthquake in Nepal. We will be working through our partners, such as Ashok & Romila to begin to launch a response to provide humanitarian assistance to many who are affected.

To make a donation to this disaster appeal, click here

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Field Partner Nepal Report

We are so pleased to hear that our partners in Nepal, Ashok and Romila and their children (Solomon & Angelina) are safe after a terrifying few days. Please keep them, and all others impacted by the devastation in Nepal in your prayers. This is Ashok's report from the field. 

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Nepal Earthquake Appeal


ACC International Relief has launched a Humanitarian Relief Appeal to assist those affected by the earthquake in Nepal.

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday causing widespread damage throughout Nepal and the surrounding region. The earthquake collapsed many houses, destroyed historical buildings and caused avalanches in the Himalayas. It is the worst earthquake to hit the country in over 80 years.

Over 2,500 people have been killed with this number expected to rise as recovery efforts continue. Thousands of others have been injured or left homeless and in need of urgent assistance.

ACC International Relief has been in communications with our field workers and partner organisations in Nepal to begin to launch a response to provide humanitarian assistance to many who are affected.

(Photo Credit: United Nations Development Programme)

To read more, or to make a donation to this disaster appeal, click here

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What is poverty?

In this clip we explore the definition of poverty as a structural issue fuelled by unequal access to resources and overconsumption. We also look at how we can challenge these structures and demand change on behalf of those that cannot demand it for themselves. [Read More

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Missionary Profile: Moving To Japan

Patersonsml.jpgAlastair and Marlene Paterson are fresh to the field ACCI Missionaries, who have now been working in Japan for three years. They left their home in Brisbane, and are supported by Hope Centre Church and several others to minister to this largely unreached population. They share here the highs, lows and unexpected surprises of this journey! 

Moving to Japan has been one of the most exciting and challenging experiences of our lives. We knew we had a missions call even before we were married, but over the years I guess we got stuck, caught up with mortgages, cars and life in general.

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Ps Alun Davies Directors Report - April 2015

psalunsml.jpgWe are very excited to report at this conference on the significant progress we have seen at ACCI over the last two years. Our influence and fruitfulness continue to grow and the last 24 months have resulted in amazing achievements. This report will show you just how effective your fellowship’s missions ministry has been and I hope it will inspire and encourage you. Together, we are changing lives. 

Field Worker Achievements

Our missions and relief teams minister in 43 countries around the world, through strong local partnerships, vital development projects and effective evangelism. Our incredible field workers have accomplished highly impacting results; over the past 2 years they have seen: 

  • 271 Churches planted
  • 22,156 Salvations
  • 2,228 Water Baptisms
  • 3,422 Baptism in Holy Spirit
  • 12,318 Indigenous Leaders Trained
  • 55,047 Children Assisted
  • 257,663 Beneficiaries of Development Projects
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ACS Retail Insurance Launch

acsretailinsurancesml.jpgACS Financial has partnered with ACCI Missions and Relief allowing you to make a difference to people’s lives all around the world. When you take-out a personal insurance policy through ACS Financial, ACS Financial will on your behalf contribute at least 25% of its normal income from each new policy to ACCI’s Village Life program in Cambodia. 

ACS Financial is a passionate and professional, Christian financial services company that’s been servicing the Christian sector for over 20 years. 

To learn more, click here.

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Bangkok Church Plant

bkkchurch.jpgA new church in the heart of Bangkok has now been launched by the River Team. Of a population of more than 67 million, less than 0.3% of Thai people identify as Christian, and multiple millions in Bangkok have never heard the gospel. Led by Erik and Mariaana Klar, the River Team has now established regular services and Connect groups which are predominantly reaching students and working professionals.

From the outset, the vision for this church has been to engage in different spheres of society. Alongside the church plant, the River has also commenced work in two local communities, in which many families are experiencing severe poverty. The local schools in this area are under-resourced, and not able to offer the broad spectrum of services that many of the children and families in this area are in need of. At the request of these schools, the River is now starting a Kids Club, in addition to teaching support throughout the school year.

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Justice Conference


ACCI Field Coach, Rebecca Nhep, will be speaking at an elective of the Justice Conference this week. ACCI Relief is proud to partner with TEAR Australia and many other great Christian development and missions agencies in raising awareness of issues of justice. 

The Justice Conference draws together a diverse faith and justice community and has emerged as a premier gathering for Christian leaders, practitioners, students and learners from all over the world. The Justice Conference is being held in Melbourne 17th-18th April 2015, for more details click here

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ACCI Field Worker Statistics 2013-2014

We are amazed by the results that our ACCI field workers and their national teams have achieved over the past 2 years 2013 & 2014. 

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Raise Vietnam Partner Update

vietraisedec2014(1).jpgVietnam is a nation that is no stranger to hardship. Outbreaks of dengue fever, hand, foot & mouth disease or cholera are not unheard of. In 2011, hundreds of children died because of hand, foot and mouth epidemics. While these are all in- credibly tragic causes of death in Vietnam, particularly amongst children, there is another prevalent and tragic killer here: driving on the streets of Vietnam. This is often referred to within Vietnam as the ‘hidden epidemic’ , as it is becoming an increasingly serious problem with deadly consequences. 

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Leadership Training in Mozambique

Robbie Housen has been ministering in Mozambique for many years. One of her great achievements in this time, in partnership with support from Australian churches, has been to establish the ITM Bible College. 

With a vision of enhancing the leadership of the oftentimes divided church in Mozambique, ITM trains students over a 4 year associate degree program. Students experience 2 years of formal bible curriculum, then a one-year internship in a local church, followed by one year of planting a new church.

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