We currently have over 145 individuals serving overseas in missions.  Below is a list of all ACCI Field Workers. Last names have been omitted for Field Workers in security sensitive countries. 

Location Withheld

Hugh & Barbara Hills Location Withheld Ministry & Outreach


Julie Smout Guinea Ministry & Outreach
John Symons Kenya Ministry & Outreach
Ben & Irene Hay Kenya Children's Ministry & Outreach
Josh & Belinda Groves Lesotho Children & Youth Discipleship
Greg & Kim Hart Africa Church Planting & Nationbuilding
Katrina & Isac Condesse Mozambique Children's Ministry
Robbie Housen Mozambique Leadership Training & Church Planting
Yvonne Woods South Africa Healthcare Worker & Trainer
Russell and Jenny Barton Uganda Community Development
Phil & Julie Hepworth
Tanzania Clean Water & Ministry

North & East Asia

Eugene & Fiona Gebert Japan Church Planting
Ian & Leanne East Asia Leadership Training
Matthew & Natalie East Asia Business & Community Development
Daniel & Maree  (names changed) East Asia Leadership Training
Brendon & Wendy East Asia Evangelism & Discipleship
Penny Nakanishi Japan Church Planting
Luke & Erina Sipos  Japan ^ Church Planting
Alex Loh Japan ^ Church Planting
Bryan North Asia Discipleship & Outreach
Carmel North Asia Micro-enterprise Training & Kids Ministry
David & Robyn North Asia Leadership Training
Ross & Donna North Asia Evangelism & Leadership Training
Ruth North Asia Evangelism & Discipleship



South-East Asia

Ben & Theeda Prevost Cambodia Ministry & Outreach
Deborah Kneale Cambodia Child Focused Development
Katrina & Paul Gliddon Cambodia Community Development & Women's Empowerment
Rebecca & Bandith Nhep Cambodia Community Development
Sarah Ardu Cambodia Ministry & Evangelism
Wesley & Bronwyn Westbrook Cambodia Ministry & Outreach
Jenny Cooper Cambodia Anti-trafficking Initiatives
Bruce & Raija  Pen Asia Leadership Training & Child Focused Development
Paul & Kim Pen Asia Business Training & Ministry
Mark & Christine Pedder Philippines Church Planters & Evangelism
Phillip Porcheron Philippines Ministry & Outreach
James & Twyla Higgins Thailand

Relief & Development

Erik & Mariaana Klar Thailand Leadership Training & Outreach
Rudy & Lara Rudresh Thailand Leadership Training & Outreach
Tim & Bronwyn Perry Thailand Leadership Training & Outreach
Wolfgang & Dianne Sue Thailand Ministry & Outreach
Rob & Daeng Garnsey Thailand Ministry & Outreach
Paul & Deb Hilton Vietnam Community Development
Kelvin & Rebekah Windsor Vietnam Community Development
Pat & Gina South-East Asia Community Development
Michael & Rhianon South-East Asia Community Development
Josh & Rachel Hilton
South-East Asia

Community Development

Arun & Julia Britto
South-East Asia

Community Development



Central Asia

Doug & Anna Georgia Church Planters & Teen Challenge Program
Blair & Althea Georgia Church Planters & Teen Challenge Program
Matthew & Rebekah Georgia Teen Challenge Program

South Asia

Alison & Narel Atkinson Sri Lanka Child Focused Development

Europe & Middle East

Eliseo & Eli Saltaleggio Romania ^ Ministry & Outreach
Christine Syrett Romania ^ Anti-trafficking Initiative
Ben & Angela Thorpe Ukraine Ministry & Outreach
Jacqueline Europe Ministry & Outreach
Jereme & Ally Middle East Health & Education

^ Preparing to be sent